Saturday, March 12, 2011

Could Have Been Serious...

My son came upstairs and said, "Mom, I think the basement is leaking." His tone was so matter-a-fact, that I didn't rush. Big mistake.

Water was pouring out of the wall in my craft room. The entire length of one wall, about 3 ft. from the wall was a lake. I started moving craft supplies pronto. Apparently, you're not supposed to leave a hose attached to the outside faucet over the winter. It apparently it will bust the pipe inside the house. I did not know this. I do now.

Luckily, I don't store supplies on the floor, for the simple fact I was raised in a house where a leaky basement was the norm. The only things that got wet were the legs to my desk (it's that pressed board furniture, so we will see how that turns out) and the cord to my Cricut. I think I can dry out the cord, so we're all good.

Also, I have been trying to update my Gypsy since about 7:00 a.m. now it's to the point it won't work. I restored it and still no dice. I don't know why I even updated it. I don't have an Imagine and I didn't purchase new carts. Now, I'm a little mad at myself.

To top it off, my husband's birthday is tomorrow. I purchased a special stamp set for his card AND I wanted to use my Gypsy. Now I can't do either and I refuse to give him a purchased one.

My brother's a plumber, so he's been called and will be over either tomorrow or Monday to fix the leak. Till then, my craft area will remain in disarray. NO CRAFTS FOR YOU! What a bummer.

Thanks for stopping by,
Dana Desmond


  1. Man what a sorry to hear this happened. Thanks for the update about the gypsy...that made me decide not to update mine since I don't own an imagine either. I don't want to experience any trouble so I will leave it be. Hope things get better. Have a great Sunday.

  2. Oh wow Dana. Sorry to hear about the water problem. I didn't know that about the water hose either. So what is an imagine? Been thinking I may need to update to a Gypsy but I'm kind of lost actually since I pretty much had quit using my Cricuit. Seeing all you neat cards, though, makes me think about it again.

  3. An Imagine is a Cricut/HP printer combo. It sounds pretty cool, but they are very expensive. Plus you have the expense of ink And additional art cartridges. I don't plan on getting one even if they lowered the price. I can do everything I need with my gypsy and Cricut.