Friday, July 8, 2011

Missouri is so Beautiful...and HOT!! Ugh!

If you’ve ever spent a summer in Missouri, you know how hot it can get here. Actually, the temperature isn’t the problem, it’s the humidity. Even though the thermometer shows the upper 80’s, low 90’s, the heat index will be in the low 100’s. The air feels so thick, it seems there’s no way it can pass to your lungs.

Despite the heat, or maybe because of it, Missouri is a beautiful place. Where I live, there are lots of beautiful, lush tree covered hills and crisp, cool bubbling creeks. I wouldn’t trade it for anything…

Picture of my son on the front porch of our old house.
 …except when I pull in the garage and find ice cream dripping out of the freezer and onto the floor. Yep, our upright freezer in the garage couldn’t keep up with the heat and everything melted (I know, a bad place to put a freezer from an energy conservation standpoint, but it’s the only place it will fit). Luckily, I caught it in time and all the meat was still good, but since it was thawed completely, I couldn’t refreeze it. All of it had to be cooked. So last night, I cooked 6 packs of brats, 1 package of chicken breast, 2 corned beef briskets, and a ball of dough that had once been frozen rolls.

Disadvantage: Only two of us home last night to eat all of this food and I had to throw out several tubs of ice cream (a major staple in our house).

Advantage: I don’t have to cook for the next several days. I guess my husband’s going to have to learn to eat leftovers.

After all the meat overload, we may need to have a week of vegetarian meals just to clear our arteries, haha. Oh, well the heat (and no obligation to cook the rest of the week) gives me a good excuse to just go to my basement and craft. It's always cool down there.

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