Thursday, November 6, 2014

Christmas Card Series Coming

I just ordered a bunch of Christmas stamps and dies from Simon Says Stamp. They should be arriving today. This weekend will be all about cards. I haven't made cards in a while. I didn't even make cards last Christmas and I felt bad for that. So this year, I'm going to go all out. The plan is to try new techniques, work with new tools, to just think outside the box. Since I don't have a ton to make, I can spend a little extra time on each. I guarantee no two cards will be alike. I cannot mass produce cards. It goes against my DNA. If a customer asks for a set of duplicate cards, I can do it, but I get bored very quickly (I think the ADD takes over after the first card, which sparks ideas for a new card. Since I am mass producing, that idea has to wait. Then the second card in the duplicate set sparks even more ideas, etc. By the time I am finished, my head is just swimming with so many ideas I'm about to burst.) Sorry, I digress.

OK, back to the Christmas cards. I will post one card a day until I run out of cards to post or Christmas arrives. Not sure which will be first. The fun part will be that my friends and family will see them, but not know which card they will receive. So, they get to enjoy all the cards and guess which belongs to them. (I'm sneaky that way).

To add to the fun, I won a surprise package from DCWV. I have no idea what will be in the package (even more exciting), but I'm sure there will be wonderful products I can use.

So stay tuned, lots of fun project shares to come. I might even get brave and do a video or two. We will just have to see how it all works out.

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting,