My Non-Craft Photos

Artwork My Daughters Created

This is about 12" long. She created this on the Cricut using the Happy Haunting cartridge.

Kelsey: Self portrait

Kelsey: She has a thing with trees

Kelsey: This is about 24" wide. This picture does not do it justice. The eyes are so cool in person.

Kelli: This is a self portrait

Kelli: Her initial

Kelli: We can't remember the style of this one.

Kelli: This is one of my favorite. It's a self portrait block print. I love the Tim Burton feel.


Some of the Most Important People In My Life

This is my niece K. and Kelli at my sister's wedding. 

K. is telling me that any man wanting to marry her better be prepared to put a ring this size on her finger. Good plan! 

 This is my oldest nephew D. He such a kind kid. I'm very glad I got this picture of him. He's always on the go so it's very difficult to get a picture that isn't blurry or has only a glimpse of him running through the frame.

This is D. last Christmas waiting for Grammy to arrive to our Christmas dinner. He loves him Grammy so much.

This is my nephew W. He is such an awesome kid. He and I probably have the most in common of all my nephews. He is has a super talent for art.

 And of course he's a natural model. This is my very favorite picture of him. I'm going blow it up and hang it in my house. Look at those eyes. He melts my heart.

This is the baby nephew O. what a sweet face. He looks so much like my brother when he was his age. What a sweet boy. I love to hear him talk. He just got his own room a few weeks ago and he was proudly showing me around his room. He's getting to be such a little man.

This is O. and Kyler at my sister's wedding. They played in the muddy playground the whole time. John and Kyler had a blast running after him.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Kelsey. I was also taken during my sister's wedding. I don't know how she was able to look so cool in the scorching August heat.


This is the true ruler of the house, our own Prince of Darkness, Ozzy. I'm not sure what we would do without him. He meets us at the door every night and cuddles up with us while we watch TV each evening. He also opens every door in our house, so there's no way to keep him out of any space in our home. In this picture he's sleeping in his favorite place, the bay window in the southern side of the house. It's so warm and cozy there. If you can't find him you can guarantee that's where he is.

When you walk up to him, he rolls over waiting for a tummy scratch, but...

..I don't think he likes his picture taken.


My reasons for getting out of bed each day.

My wonderful husband. There's no way I could be without him. We've been together for nearly 24 years and he is my rock. Not sure anyone else could accept my unique personality, be he lets me be who I need to be and is alway supportive of whatever I do.

Kelsey is our oldest . She's very much the loner in our family. One of the best days of her life was when she FINALLY got her own room. She is such a great artist and has posted much of her work on her new bedroom walls. I love going in there to see what she's created next. She's a senior this year and I'm so proud of the person she's become. I can't wait to see the next chapter of her life. She's going to do great.

Kelli is silly, funny, and compassionate. She's out comic relief, mediator, princess (hence the tiara) and trouble causer. She claims she suffers from middle child syndrome, but I'm so sure. I love her so much!

And then Kyler. The only boy and the baby. He has turned into such a little man over the last summer. I love seeing him grow and mature, but sometimes I miss my little boy. This is picture is a rare occasion where he is setting still. He never stops moving. We can always count on him for a great story. 


Meet Rowdy. He's our basement kitty because he sheds so badly.

Everytime I go down to the basement to craft, this is what happens. He is so huge an heavy, it's like holding a 2 month old baby and he snuggles like a baby too. Love him very much.

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