Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's been a while...

The weather has just thrown me all off. I've been working extra hours to make up for the time I had to take off for the blizzard we had here last week. I did get a few cards done while I was off, but I didn't get them posted.

I tried to go down and craft last night, but I spent all my time running up and down the stairs trying to cook supper, make a snack for snack day at work and clean the kitchen. I finally gave up.

I've informed my family that starting Friday night, I will be spending all my time in my craft room and I don't plan to resurface until Sunday.
Here's a few of the Valentine's cards I worked on while the blizzard was happening. It was so cold in our basement, but I managed to brave it long enough to make these.
This one is my favorite. I'm going to make more
of these in different colors and patterns.

The blue one was another happy accident. I cut the heart out of white paper and added the same swirl stamp to it that I used on the background, but the image was too delicate and there wasn't enough surface area on the heart to tell what it was. So, instead of cutting the heart again, I used my Pacific Point stamp pad and completely saturated the heart with ink. I found that the edges of the image picked up more ink that the center, giving it an outlined look. I still wasn't happy with the results. So I covered the whole surface with Versamark Dazzle ink and used clear sparkle embossing powder over the entire surface. When this was cool, I repeated the process. I love the iridescent look it gave. 

All cards are 4x4 and use Stampin' Up cardstock. I've found that it cuts the best on my Cricut. While at my Stampin' Up club meet a couple of weeks ago, I learned a new aluminum foil technique and had to try it. I love how it turned out. I had a little trouble on the card with the stacked hearts. I put too much glue on the foil and it "popped" though the front, so I sprinkled glitter over the glue. It turned out OK, but the next time I used the foil, I put just enough glue to make it slightly sticky and it worked better.

I used my Gypsy to plan these about a month ago and I can't remember all the different cartridges I used. I know for sure I used were Doodle Charms, Gypsy Wandering and Create-a-Critter.

Thanks for stopping by. I promise I will do my best to keep up with my posting. Have a great day!
Dana Desmond

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