Friday, February 11, 2011

Quick Note...

If you are looking for project ideas with a little comic relief, my cousin Mandy has a blog you might want to check out. She isn't specifically a paper crafter, but her crafting style is more the home decore/recycle materials, type stuff. She tries to make her projects as inexpensive as possible. The results have been awesome. This year she's challenged herself to make at least one Christmas project a week for the next year. She also plans to throw in a few other projects as well. Sounds a little crazy to me, but hey, she calls herself the Crazy Crafting Chic, what else would you expect.

Not only does she post projects, but she always adds a little commentary about her crazy life. It's just her, her husband and a teenage son in the house. Quite comical at times.

Go check out her blog,, you won't be sorry you did.

Thanks for stopping by,
Dana Desmond

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