Sunday, October 12, 2014

My First Tangle

With so much going on lately, I haven't had any "official" crafting time, but there is no way I could not do some form of art. So I've been doodling. I was having so much fun, then I realized what I was doing (and had been for years) actually had a name, Zentangles. So, I started researching and realized there is a huge list of official tangles and tutorials for most all over the web. 

I watched a few videos and read about Zentangles and all the "rules." However, rules in art are not always Zen, so I just took what I saw and did my own thing. I am quite pleased with the results. This an art form I can do anywhere, anytime, with very little expense. 

Below is my first complete, shaded Zentangle. I think it is pretty good for my first. 

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting,

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