Saturday, August 25, 2012

Before and After Copic Class

After taking the Intermediate Copic class, I wanted to compare an image I colored before and after the class to see if I was able to achieve a deeper, more dimensional image. I chose the birthday girl from Saturated Canary. Here's the original card I posted (original blog post):

I like the colors on this image and I still think it works well with the theme of this card, but I wanted to try and add some depth.

Here's the image I colored today (realized after I posted I forgot to color her tongue, geez.):

I can't say this image is "better" than the first, but it definitely has more depth, especially in the skirt and ribbon. I still have lots to learn (#1, don't be afraid to grab the darker markers), but I'll get there.

And yes, I used all of these markers to color this image.

If I had to pick one item out of my craft room I love the most, it would have to be my Copics. They are my "precious."

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Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting coloring.

Dana Desmond

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